My Story


I am a midwife and a mother of five. My life was permanently changed when my son became seriously ill in 2015. I was working at the high risk pregnancy ward at the hospital and my son, an athlete and a horse trainer was doing great and life was good. Then it happened, six weeks hospitalization, three weeks in the ICU but no diagnosis. My life collapsed and turned into a constant battle with the healthcare system. For three years, when I woke up, I didn´t know if my son was still alive. Constant stress, anxiety and frustration. I crashed and was diagnosed with PTSD and lost my job. I was stuck in a nightmare.


At that point in my life I had two options; to give up, stay in that dark space of constant uncertanity, anxiety, stress and pain or decide to change my life, discover new ways to cope, recove and RISE and redesign my life.


I chose to cope, recover and RISE. Through this difficult journey I rediscovered my inner strength and a connection to a power that resides inside us all. It empowered me and kept me going, I recovered fully, my son was healed and my life was transformed.


My purpose and passion is to help you Cope, Recover and RISE. No matter where you are on your healing journey, never, ever give up! I am a living proof that you can transform your life and experience love, joy, happiness and inner peace, no matter what you have been through.

I have decades of experience helping women through pregnancy and childbirth, joy and pain as well as loss, sorrow and trauma. I am also certified in the healing modality RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) and a certified success coach.

I am here to help you release the past and embrace tomorrow – be unbreakable!
Create a life you love and deserve!

Eva Alberts - RIM Certification