How does UNBREAKABLE sound? Good? I agree! Nobody said life was easy, we stumble, we fall, we crash and we rise. On the journey through life we all get our shares of hurt, pain and difficult challenges, and it’s normal.

Sometimes we find it hard to cope because of how we feel. And the number one thing to do is to learn how to manage your emotions. Feelings have a life of their own and they often control our actions and behaviour. Most of the time we don’t even realise it.

We let fear hold us back, we feel like we’re not good enough or smart enough, we lose control of ourselves and later regret what we said or did, etc., and sometimes we’re just stuck and don’t know why, we procrastinate etc. We are angry or hurt but don’t speak up, we feel anxious, frustrated, paralyzed, sad and we can’t think clearly. I’m guessing you know the feeling.

Imagine the power of your emotions. When you think about it, how often do your emotions control your behaviour?

Is your Emotional Operating System turned on?

When we become the master of our feelings it’s easier to cope, recover and rise. It’s important to learn to manage our emotions and life works better when we allow our feelings to flow naturally, know who we are, what we are here to do, what we want and how we want our lives to be.

When facing challenges in my life, and I’ve had plenty of them, believe me, I’ve often asked myself „Who signed me up for this course? I sure didn’t. Sometimes life really knocks us down, like during my sons illness. I didn’t see that traumatising experience coming or that it would last 3 years.

But it did and I had two choices: to give up and accept that this was how it was going to be OR to take control of my life, decide not to give up, figure things out, get help and overcome this challenge.

I asked myself: what did I do to create this, what am I supposed to learn from this experience, what’s the purpose?“.  I decided during his hospitalisation that something good had to come out of all that pain and suffering.

That’s why I wrote my story in „Women Who Rise“. That’s what led me to my mentors Jack Canfield and Dr.Deborah Sandella. I’ve learned through the years that taking full control of my life and managing my emotions is the key to be able to move forward.

Feelings have a life of their own, like a river, they come and go and should flow naturally through us. When we hold back our feelings it’s like damming a river. 

Nobody said life was easy. When a negative or traumatic event occurs we tend to block the negative feelings, and over time they pile up in our bodies causing pain and illness. Have you ever been in a situation where it’s like someone has pushed a button and you are overwhelmed with feelings, reliving an old traumatic event or memory? Me too… many times.

Over the years negative feelings pile up in the body. Like dust, they pile up on top of our true nature and affect our appearance and performance in life. Here is the good news: you are NOT broken. You can dust the negative feelings off, just like cleaning your furniture. I can help you do that and you can learn how be the master of your feelings.

We heal on the cellular level, we heal from the mindset , then we heal the body

We all have an Emotional Operating System but it’s easy to ignore it. When we pay attention to our feelings, listen to and look inside our body – when we sense, feel, listen, follow our gut feeling and trust our intuition – life works better.

Try it now: close your eyes, take a deep breath, bring your awareness into your body: what are you sensing inside your body? Notice the feelings, the sensations and what’s calling your attention the most?

Interesting, isn’t it? How things shift when we close our eyes and look inside. The body is constantly giving us feedback and signs and our gut feeling gives us a clear yes or no. I find this fascinating and RIM has truly transformed my life. It can transform your life too!

It’s extremely important to manage your emotions, especially during difficult times. You feel better and life works better.

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