I am so proud to present to you: Women Who Rise, launched May 7th.
On the first day the book reached #1 Best Seller and #1 International Best Seller.

I am one of 30 co-authors in the book, each author contributs their own story. These 30 stories will speak to your heart and lift up your soul.

Each chapter follows the journey that led each co-author to rise above challenges in their own life. These pages reflect the intimate choices that were made to rise above challenging situations and as a result live extraordinary lives.

This is the sixth book in the #1 International Best-selling Inspired Impact Book Series.

Available on Amazon, both paperback and Kindle version. You can get it here:

My life took a u-turn five years ago when one of my five sons became seriously ill. You can read my story in the book. It led me down a new path and that´s why I am one of the co-authors in this book. Never would I have imagined that in 2015. This has been an amazing journey and a privilege to get to know, and work with Kate Butler and all these amazing women!

“Kate Butler is a Success Coach, International Speaker, and Creator of the Inspired Impact Book Series, created to help women share their impactful messages with people around the world. “Now considering what is happening in our world, I believe everyone could use some hope and inspiration to continue to rise above these circumstances.” says Kate Butler who is not only the creator, but also the publisher of this book series.

I hope these stories will will speak to your heart, lift up your soul and inspire you to rise above any circumstances that come your way.

 The Inspired Impact Book Series inspires, gives hope, and empowers its readers. Its collection of women authors powerfully and vulnerably share their messages and life lessons to impact people all around the world.

Women Who Rise continues this journey by sharing stories from success coaches, motivational speakers, professional executives, school teachers, principals, and community organizers and leaders. Every story is designed to motivate, empower and uplift women by bringing more teachable moments through stories that will enlighten every reader. 

I graduated as a RIM facilitator in July 2019 and I am a RIM master student. I am a certified Canfield coach in The Success Principles and Methodology. You can read more on my webpage: evaalberts.com

Today I help people heal on a cellular level, heal from their mindset and heal on a physical level. You can say goodbye to hurt and pain and transform your life. If I could do it, you can do it. I´m here to help and equip you with tools to transform your life for success.

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